silent forms


Silent Forms

fall 2018
Deployable Design the Public Space

skills utilized:
+ installation design
+ video editing
+ Solidworks
+ CNC Routing
+ woodworking

In this installation series, I entered into dialogue with the early work of Daniel Buren. In his treatise Mise en Garde (1969-70), he states, “This zero/neutral degree of form is ‘binding’ in the sense that the total absence of conflict eliminates all concealment … and consequently brings silence.”

I placed a three dimensional re-imagining of a Buren work in a room that is as close to scientific silence as possible (an anechoic chamber), and deployed reconstructions of anechoic patterns in the public sphere. Through these acts I addressed the futile nature of a search for silence in discourse, and that in the “cancelling out” that Buren describes, a new, and sometimes problematic narrative is created.