priced under value


Priced Under Value

December 2016
Special Topics in Art: RISK

skills utilized:
+ installation design
+ video editing
+ microcontroller programming
+ electronics design
+ woodworking

When given a one word theme for our project, “risk,” our multidisciplinary team of three chose to analyze a specific context of the word. What does it mean for a person, a neighborhood, a city, to be “at risk,” and who defines that term? After stumbling upon an study on police spending per block in Chicago, we correlated this data with “at risk” (abandoned) properties, and found a near exact overlap. To bring this system to light, we collected video of abandoned properties on some of the most costly blocks for police, and projected them life-size using a hand-built, portable rig onto the side of one of Northwestern’s newest buildings in a surprise intervention. The act of bringing to prominence these “blighted” properties calls into question how the built environment impacts our society, and calls attention to the reciprocal relationship between a city’s investments and its people