interzone pictures

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Spring 2019

skills utilized:
+ Typography
+ Adobe suite
+ Motion Design

Will Klein is a talented documentary filmmaker with a well-defined aesthetic that I happen to have a lot in common with. Naturally, I was elated when he approached me to help spruce up the logo of his production imprint, Interzone Pictures. This shows a quick overview of my process through re-creating the logo and making a video bumper with After Effects.


Logo design


I began with a mood board to collect inspiration from a variety of interests I share with Will: post-punk, glitch art, and old photographs. Along with a grainy screen capture of his original logo, these images helped give me a launching point from which I could start.

Since we were not redoing the entire logo, I focused on making the existing logo more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Keeping an even line thickness throughout and evening out the two sides helped substantially.

Using inspiration from the mood board, and our discussions. I worked through dozens of iterations of pairing type with the logo. Moving to a wider, bolder font made the logo feel more structural and intentional, especially when the two words were stacked on one side of the logo.



After finalizing the logo with feedback from Will, I brought it into After Effects to create an animated bumper. Taking inspiration from Will’s use of a VHS camera and home movies in his film, I wanted to replicate the feeling of distortion from age that tape can go through.

Using a blur multiple layers of the logo shifted to different colors, I could recreate the look of an out-of-focus VHS tape. I found a video of VHS distortion and used it as a displacement map to “pull” on the text when a bar ran over it.

Will was more than excited by the results, and the bumper will debut in his film in spring 2019!