1970 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia


passion project

skills utilized:
+ automotive repair
+ electronics
+ restoration
+ troubleshooting

Here, I'm documenting my restoration of a beautiful car to its former glory. I bought Audrey in non-operational condition, and have been utilizing my troubleshooting skills to bring her up to road-worthy condition.


In 2014, I was smitten with a 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia that had sat neglected in a barn in Indiana for more than a decade. I bought the rust-covered, non-running car and set out to bring it back to life. In order to get “Audrey,” as I have chosen to call her, up and running I have rebuilt parts of the engine, the entire electrical system, and the fuel system.

In August 2016, she roared to life again, all 40 horsepower of her, which brought a whole new set of challenges to add to my list, including tightening up the transmission and strengthening the brake system.

On her way to her new home!
After her first drive around the block

Throughout the process, I’ve grown in my ability to assess problems of unknown origin, develop solutions given my limited resources, and organize large, systematic problems into smaller, solvable issues.

She’s still unsteady and dangerous, but, little by little, is improving and maturing, a good metaphor for life I’d like to think.