About me

joeburke.talk@gmail.com Resume.pdf

Hi there! I’m Joe, a human-centered product designer with backgrounds in engineering and contemporary art passionately focused on creating empathetic objects and experiences in a wide range of fields. I received my Master’s degree in Engineering Design Innovation at Northwestern University, where I also received my Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

I dive deep into developing creative solutions to problems, fabricating high-quality prototypes, and uncovering the emotional impact of good design. Empathy is the foundation of everything I create, be it a medical device that instills comfort in its user, an art installation that evokes emotion in its viewers, or an educational tool that gives the student confidence.

I draw upon a wide range of interests to inform my practice and keep me grounded. Whether it's listening to new (or old) music, watching odd films, or creating and viewing artwork, I believe in constantly surrounding myself with inspiration t0 fuel my practice.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about my work, or just to say hi!

What I’m up to:
Turntable: White2 by SUNN O)))
Screen: Fugazi: Instrument by Jem Cohen
Bookshelf: Neuromancer by William Gibson